When can my tour begin?

As we provide private tours of Egypt, your tour may begin on any day. Should you opt to include Jordan or Israel, your tour will begin on one of the scheduled departure dates. Please inquire on which days our tours to Jordan and Israel will be departing.

Is Egypt a safe place to travel?

Many of our customers have asked if we feel that Egypt is a safe tourist destination. Scarab Egypt Tours employs foreign nationals and has always held the security of all visitors as a top priority. Though there is the occasional protest in Cairo, the general safety of the country is no longer in question. Since April 2011, we have been running our tours as normal with no interference.

That being said, it is important to exercise caution while in Egypt. Our recommendation is that if you notice a protest in progress you should not attempt to engage in the demonstration. If you choose to photograph any events that may be unfolding, it is advised to be done at a safe distance. Please be aware that it has always been, and remains to be, illegal to photograph any government or military establishments.
We are very excited to share our new Egypt with you. There is a fresh sense of pride and dignity that has swept the entire nation from its feet.

How do I get my visa for Egypt?

For most nationalities, you may purchase your visa upon arrival to Cairo International Airport. They are sold prior to passport control for $15 USD. Please check with the nearest Egyptian Consulate for specific details and regulations relevant to your nationality.

For tours that travel to Jordan and Israel, we will make all necessary visa arrangements. You may have to provide a copy of your passport prior to arrival.

What is not included in the prices?

Entrance fees to the tourist attractions are not included in the tour price. We do not charge them in advance to add flexibility to your program as you may choose to skip one or more sites depending upon your interests or level of energy.

Other items not included are as follows; drinks, phone calls, laundry, tips and any other items of a personal nature.

Where can I find some customer reviews?

We encourage our customers to write about their personal experience online. Reviews can be found on our Facebook page, travel blogs, websites and online guidebooks.

Do you arrange international flights?

Depending on your country of origin, we may be able to offer discounted flight and tour packages. Please inquire within for our current rates and promotions.

What is the sleeping cabin upgrade (train tickets)?

All of our tours include a first class train ticket with a reclining seat. The seat is similar to that of an airplane’s, with a wider berth and more leg room. You may choose to upgrade your train ticket to include a sleeping cabin. The sleeping cabin includes a bunk bed and small sink area.

How can I make a payment?

To confirm your tour with us, we will send you an invoice by email for a deposit of 10%. The deposit is payable online with a credit card through PayPal. The remaining balance can be paid in cash upon arrival to Egypt. We accept only the following currencies; GBP, USD or LE (Egyptian Pound).

Can I change something in my tour?

Your tour is completely customizable from day one until your departing flight. If you would like to extend your stay, switch a day, add an extra excursion, shorten the itinerary, we can make it happen. If you have any questions on the matter, please contact us to discuss your request in detail.

How should I dress?

The dress code in Egypt is considered conservative by western standards and it is respectful to obey this code. Women should take care to cover the midriff area, shoulders, cleavage and above the knees. For men pants and shirt or T-shirt are fine. In Cairo it would not be advisable to wear short shorts or a sleeveless top. In cities along the Red Sea, shorts would be acceptable. This also applies to ladies for the beach areas.

What is a single supplement?

A single supplement is a part of the tour price for any group of passengers with an odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.). You can avoid the single supplement by sharing a room with one of your travel partners. Triple rooms are available.

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